Your Time, Your Story: Introducing Timeback Profiles

May 19, 2023

Calendar heatmap

In the realm of work, time is the resource, and you’re the strategist.

Every meeting, every focus session, every completed task — they all come together to chart a map of your workday.

But how often do we inspect this map? How often do we share it with others, not just as a status update, but as a tool for comparison, understanding, and growth?

Enter Timeback Profiles. Inspired by the transparency of Github profiles, we’re giving you a personal dashboard to showcase your work patterns.

This isn’t just a trophy cabinet. It’s a living, breathing data set, packed with insights for you to take action and drive outcomes.

At its core, a Timeback Profile is mission control for your work journey. It’s a monthly snapshot that brings together key metrics like focus time, time spent in meetings, and meeting cost expenses. It’s a heatmap that visualizes your activity, making patterns tangible and insights actionable.

Monthly snapshot

More Than Badges

Every Timeback user has a unique work pattern, and we’ve made it easier to understand yours with badges.

Whether you’re a “Meeting Budgeter”, a “Collaboration Champion”, or a “Deep Work Dynamo”, these badges don’t just celebrate your work style. They’re tools to help you better understand your time and adapt your strategies to improve productivity.


Sharing for Growth and Understanding

We’ve made Timeback Profiles shareable, allowing you to compare your work patterns with peers and friends.

This isn’t about boasting or rivalry. It’s about understanding your bandwidth, learning from others, and collectively working towards more effective time management.

Use your profile as a tool for conversation, for growth, and for making informed decisions about your time.

Monthly time allocation

The Power of Data, Today and Tomorrow

Your workday is more than a series of tasks; it’s a wealth of data that can drive your productivity and growth.

So we invite you to create your Timeback Profile, delve into your data, earn your badges, and start making data-driven decisions.

And remember, this is just a sneak peek of what Timeback offers. We have an array of powerful features on the horizon, ready to further enhance your time management and productivity.

Ready to unlock the power of your data?

Let’s not just share updates; let’s share insights. Checkout my profile:

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