Introducing Timeback's Free Meeting Calculator

May 29, 2023

Meeting cost calculator

Hey folks, we've got a little something to share. Ever wondered just how much your meetings cost? Not in time (we've got plenty to say about that already), but in cold hard cash? We’ve always felt that when it comes to meetings, we all could use a little more transparency. So we built something to help with exactly that: meet the Timeback Meeting Calculator. It's free, and it's going to make you think twice about your next meeting.

Meet the Meeting Calculator

Here's how it works. You tell us the number of attendees and the length of the meeting. We crunch the numbers and spit out the estimated cost.

Planning a project update meeting with your six-person team? Preparing for those weekly recurring team syncs? Pop the details into the calculator, and it delivers a clear, tangible cost. The calculator also shares the estimated number of meetings per year, their cost per year, and the cost per employee per year. Numbers like these can change the way we think about meetings. Not just as necessary evils, but as investments with real financial implications.

Just remember - the cost is estimated based on average salaries across all roles. We're not peeking into anyone's pay slips here. We're just offering a tool for a ballpark figure that might make us all stop and think: is this meeting really worth it?

Effortless Meeting Cost Management

Now, you could go ahead and calculate the cost for every single meeting you have lined up this week. Or you could sign up for Timeback and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Every meeting in your calendar analyzed and evaluated, every cost highlighted and recorded. It's like having a financial advisor for your calendar, except this one doesn't give unsolicited stock tips.

The Timeback Meeting Calculator is a tool for transparency, a reality check in the world of meetings. But it's just one small part of what Timeback offers. We're on a mission to give control of your workday back to you, and that means analyzing the true cost of your time and helping you make the most of it. So why not sign up today and see what else we can do together?

Let’s not just spend time, let's invest it wisely. Because every meeting counts, in more ways than one.

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